Dobrota, Montenegro - Captain Palaces

After the 1979 earthquake in Yugoslavia, Poland delegated a group of conservation professionals to assist the Yugoslavian government in dealing with the outcome of the tragedy. Our team consisted of Szczecin's PKZ employees Leon Bućko, structural engineer, Zbigniew Smoliński, technician and myself. Our first task was to assess the situation of the selected heritage buildings and come up with proposals for immediate intervention to prevent further deterioration.
Additionally we were tasked with the preparation of extant recordings and restoration concept designs for four 18th century Captain Palaces
(GPS 42.463518,18.764385) located ashore Kotor Bay and damaged during the earthquake. The GPS link shows the Tripković Palace (Palata Tripković).

Szczecin's team performed exceptionally well. We were praised by the Yugoslavian and Polish governments and awarded with material and monetary rewards.

One of the Captain Palaces. Note the collapsed front gable. (Photo by Z. SMOLIŃSKI)

An interview in a local Szczecin newspaper.