The following list contains Canadian, mostly Crown owned, historic buildings/structures I was involved in as a Conservation Architect. Most of them are designated heritage buildings/structures and some are of heritage value by association with a heritage site.

GPS link leads directly to the building/structure location shown with a red pin on Google Maps. Use Street View function where available to see today's condition.

My involvement on projects associated with these buildings/structures consisted of one or more of the following:
(a) advising the custodian concerning planned interventions or providing input to larger scale planning,
(b) thorough field investigations followed by condition assessment and detailed recommendations,
(c) providing construction drawings and technical guidance to construction crews during restoration/rehabilitation.

Prince Albert National Park
Nature Centre (GPS 53.92277,-106.089105)
Superintendent’s Residence (GPS 53.919436,-106.103565)
Community Hall (GPS 53.92607,-106.081132)
Assembly Hall (GPS 53.922459,-106.088545)
Garage (GPS 53.922582,-106.083761)
South Gate (GPS 53.587587,-106.055067)
Visitor’s Resource Centre (GPS 53.922127,-106.083525)
Golf Court Club House (GPS 53.920049,-106.097283)
Mackenzie King's Cottage (GPS 53.920475,-106.100488)
Grey Owl’s Cabin (GPS 54.147255,-106.466789)

Batoche National Historic Site
Church (GPS 52.75237,-106.117453)
Rectory (GPS 52.752292,-106.117989)
Caron Senior House (GPS 52.748418,-106.109465)

Fort Walsh National Historic Site
Commissioner’s Residence (GPS 49.572671,-109.880738)
Superintendent’s Residence (GPS 49.573127,-109.881092)
Stable (GPS 49.572483,-109.881805)
Non Commissioned Officers Quarters (GPS 49.573085,-109.881543)
Officer’s Mess (GPS 49.573203,-109.881274)
Artisan Building (GPS 49.572667,-109.882036)
Bakery Granary (GPS 49.572553,-109.881473)
Ice House (GPS 49.572608,-109.88135)
Meat House (GPS 49.57266,-109.881253)
Guard House (GPS 49.572876,-109.881387)
Solomon Post (GPS 49.550875,-109.867665)
Farwell Post (GPS 49.550653,-109.870315)

Fort Battleford National Historic Site
Volumetric Reconstructions (GPS 52.726991,-108.294812)
Commanding Officers Residence (GPS 52.726699,-108.294072)
Officers’ Quarters (GPS 52.726501,-108.294421)
Sick Horse Stable (GPS 52.726195,-108.294775)
Guard House (GPS 52.726163,-108.295165)
Barrack #5 (GPS 52.726923,-108.298202)

Saskatchewan College Building, Peter MacKinnon Building NHS (GPS 52.130702, -106.632720)

Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site
Stone House (GPS 50.71959,-103.4254409)
Barn (GPS 50.719157,-103.424737)
Implement Shed (GPS 50.718628,-103.424544)
Hired Men’s Cottage (GPS 50.719898,-103.424565)

Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site
Dominion Fire Brick and Clay Products Ltd. Plant (GPS 50.030454,-105.219879)

Grassland National Park
All structures - condition assessment (GPS 49.114964,-107.438675)

Riding Mountain National Park
Museum (GPS 50.657643,-99.972308)
Superintendent’s Residence (GPS 50.67527,-99.91278)
Fire Hall (GPS 50.656508,-99.969833)
Accountant House, 154 Columbine (GPS 50.65797,-99.967317)
Doctor’s Residence and Clinic (GPS 50.657011,-99.968537)
Jamboree Hall (GPS 50.660289,-99.976866)
Staff Residence (GPS 50.657521,-99.965792)
Golf Course Club House (GPS 50.67459,-99.909723)
RCAF Cottage (GPS 50.669263,-99.943786)
Casa Loma (GPS 50.65899,-99.966649)
Tennis Club House (GPS 50.658968,-99.97362)
Grey Owl’s Cabin (GPS 50.727413,-99.887658)

East Gate National Historic Site
East Gate NHS (The Site Conservation Strategy)
The Gate (GPS 50.683285,-99.555359)
Whirlpool Warden‘s Residence (GPS 50.683396,-99.556089)
Gatekeeper’s Cottage (GPS 50.682614,-99.556092)

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site
Big House (GPS 50.112047,-96.931682)
Fur Loft (GPS 50.1115,-96.93188)
Warehouse (GPS 50.112285,-96.930952)
Doctor’s Office (GPS 50.112495,-96.931313)
Men’s House (GPS 50.112512,-96.932031)
Fortification Wall with four bastions (GPS 50.112529,-96.931049)
Powder Magazine (GPS 50.112137,-96.930325)
Fraser’s Cottage (GPS 50.110417,-96.933012)
Blacksmith Shop (GPS 50.110709,-96.932395)
Ross Cottage (GPS 50.110038,-96.932363)

York Factory National Historic Site
Depot (GPS 57.002788,-92.304717)
Powder Magazine (GPS 57.005873,-92.301198)

Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site
Fortification Wall (GPS 58.797221,-94.213205)
Inventory of Heritage Characteristics

Train Station (GPS 58.767786,-94.174478)

Grey Nuns (GPS 49.887805,-97.123181)
Capitol Theatre – demolished in the 1990's (GPS 49.894662,-97.143668)
Government Building, 269 Main St. (GPS 49.893615,-97.136892)

Watch House (GPS 50.084291,-96.941461)

Saint Andrews
Church (GPS 50.066685,-96.976234)
Rectory (GPS 50.066031,-96.978582)

Korol Homestead
(GPS ?)

Neubergthal Street Village NHS
Ed Schmidt’s Housebarn (GPS 49.072306,-97.482977)
Jerry Friesen Housebarn (GPS 49.075679,-97.481593)

Government Building (GPS 49.847176,-99.952361)

Elevators (GPS 50.94405,-101.249176)

Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site (GPS 49.124918,-123.18708)