20 września 2019 r.

Bolesław Łucki

I can’t complain! I can put blame only on myself.

Recently I worked in my yard a bit harder than usual. Well, somebody had to stack firewood. True, I didn’t have to make this bench but at the time my back was relatively good. It didn’t hurt more than usual.

For the last ten days I am stuck at home with excruciating lower back pain. And when I say excruciating, I mean EXCRUCIATING! I am spending time mostly in horizontal position. This way it hurts a bit less. Pain killers help but not much.

So called friends have bailed. Nobody wants to help. Nobody! The only offer of assistance I received from Winnipeg health authorities was - call for an ambulance and go to urgent care. I could, but leaving my house, for who knows how long, without care didn’t seem to be a good solution.

My collection of old canes appears to be quite useful. First days however, I required a walker. Mister Amazon have sent me one in three days. For $60. Good thing I have it. It helps.

Mornings are still hard but it’s getting better. That’s a good thing. The walker and cane proved to be the most reliable helpers. But friends? I have to think things over.

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