5 sierpnia 2019 r.

Bolesław Łucki

There is no shortage of talent in Winnipeg! This is Juvel, the band lead by multi talented Chenoa McKelvey. They sing songs from the first half of the 20th century. Just 'sing' would be inadequate description what they do. They deliver perfect harmony characteristic of those times. If you close your eyes, you can 'smell' and 'taste' a jazzy-bluesy atmosphere depicted in Frankie Drake Mysteries. For those, who haven't heard them yet - your loss!

Here is what the West End Cultural Centre writes about Chenoa:

Chenoa McKelvey is a songwriter of diverse talents, blending influences from blues, folk and jazz. Her lyrics paint pictures with careful details that draw the listener in to their story. With her soft, sultry voice and warm, clean guitar tone, she captivates her audiences and fleetingly carries them away to a simpler time.

Chenoa is attending the University of Manitoba's Jazz Studies program. She performs as a jazz guitarist for the Manouche band Juvel, as well as accompanying singers such as Gabriela Ocejo and Larissa Johnson.

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