Polish Music Exchange 5

14 stycznia 2019 r.

Bolesław Łucki

In recent months, thirty years have passed since my foot touched Canadian soil. May be a little more. To say truth, I visited Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto and... vicinity three years before that but I don’t count it in as it was a tourist visit.

Years ago, my page was intended to be written in Polish but thirty years in Canada is a long time. May be it’s time to give a chance to my second language. No need to mention I still feel better communicating in Polish, but… I will give it a try.

So… every year or so Artur Winogrodzki invites musicians for his Polish Music Exchange. I participated in this show couple of times in the past. This year I was invited too.

The performances will take place on February 9 at Polish Association "Sokol" of St. Boniface on 523 Doucet St. in Winnipeg. I will present several Polish and English songs along with Mirek Nawrocki and Jacek Beimcik… providing they won’t bail out for sunny beaches somewhere under palm trees. February is quite cold here and many Canadians migrate south. Like Canadian gees. I keep fingers crossed for them to suffer Manitoba cold with me.

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